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Latest News
Something in Common
Posted By: Charles @ Yesterday at 09:19 am in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

Here are 5 famous people listed in alphabetical order. Some are dead and others alive but they all have something in common (apart from being of the male gender). What is it?

Rowan Atkinson

Orlando Bloom

Al Capone

Martin Luther King

Sir Isaac Newton
... [more]
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"American Pie" - the song and the meaning
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 17 2018, 09:54 AM in Interesting/Amusing Youtubes & Videos
Some time ago, in the Music section, we discussed the meaning behind Don McLean's "American Pie".

The title was also the name of the plane that Buddy Holly went down in.

This clip links many of the lyrics to actual events, songs and individuals and is well worth a look.

... [more]
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FBI Admits Missing Warning About School Massacre
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 17 2018, 09:31 AM in North America
Florida shooting: FBI admits it missed warning Nikolas Cruz may carry out school massacre

user posted image

Photo: A person close to accused gunman Nikolas Cruz called an FBI tip line in January. (Supplied: WPTV)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said it mishandled a January tip that the 19-year-old man accused of killing 17 people in Florida had guns and the potential to carry out a school shooting.

A person close to accused gunman Nikolas Cruz called an FBI tip line on January 5, 2018, to report concerns about him, the FBI said in a statement.

"The caller provided information about Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behaviour, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a ... [more]
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Cyclone Kelvin Dumps Rain on Broome
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 17 2018, 08:38 AM in WA
Cyclone Kelvin blue alert issued as apocalyptic clouds bring heavy rainfall to Broome

By Erin Parke, Emily Smith and Rebecca Dollery

user posted image

Photo: A low-slung storm front approaches Cable Beach in Broome on Thursday. (ABC News: Erin Parke)

A stranded family of tourists have been rescued from floodwaters as Broome has the first taste of the storm system expected to develop into the strongest cyclone of the season.

The system is forecast to develop into Tropical Cyclone Kelvin, bringing wind gusts of up to 165 kilometres per hour and isolated rainfall of up to 500 millimetres to Western Australia's northern coast.

A blue alert applies to people between Cape Leveque and De ... [more]
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$1.12m Bugatti
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 17 2018, 08:22 AM in " Car News & Reviews"
Bugatti sells for $1.12m after sitting in Perth carport

Alex Forrest | The West Australian
Saturday, 17 February 2018 2:00AM

user posted image

After 60 years with one WA owner, this 1935 Bugatti Type 57TT has gone to a European buyer for $1.1 million.Picture: Bonhams

A 1935 Bugatti Type 57 Tourist Trophy which sat in an open carport in Perth’s eastern suburbs for decades has been auctioned in Paris for $1.12 million.

The car had been with the same owner for 60 years, with much of its restoration completed in that very carport.

The Bugatti was purchased by its first West Australian owner, Duncan Ord, when he was visiting London in May 193 ... [more]
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New PNG Dairy
Posted By: Flin @ Feb 15 2018, 07:39 PM in Asia / Pacific
PNG–based Israeli company starts selling milk products at half the price of Australian imports
user posted image
The locally produced milk products could replace imports from Australia and New Zealand.

A Papua New Guinea-based Israeli company, Innovative Agro, has begun producing a variety of fresh milk products near the capital Port Moresby.

The dairy farm's milk is sold for half the price of that imported from Australia and New Zealand, partly because of new import tariffs introduced in PNG.

The company said the farm was self-sustaining, producing 80 per cent of its own feed on a 260-hectare plot, using bore water and solar power for back-up.

"We did our economics, our business mod ... [more]
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Posted By: Bear @ Feb 15 2018, 01:38 PM in North America

user posted image

President Donald Trump has criticized U.S. spending of more than $7 trillion on conflicts and reconstruction efforts in the Middle East and Afghanistan, shortly after officials said the U.S. would not pledge money to a major conference geared toward helping Iraq rebuild after more than 15 years of conflict.

Trump’s remarks, which coincided with the release of his 2019 budget proposal, hit out at the choices of past administrations, especially over foreign policy in the Middle East and Central Asia, since the 2001 invasion of ... [more]
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Queensland weather:
Posted By: scepo @ Feb 15 2018, 06:58 AM in QLD
Queensland weather: Mt Isa road worker says Brisbane can't complain about the heat

Photo: Mt Isa traffic controller Chris Petersen said he wasn't even sweating at 42C.

South-east Queenslanders might be cranking up the air-conditioners for one of the hottest February weeks on record, but Mount Isa road worker Christopher Petersen reckons those people are a "pack of sooks".

Mr Petersen, a traffic controller in the state's north-west, said he felt pretty comfortable this week, despite the severe to extreme heatwave.

It hit 42 degrees Celsius in Mt Isa yesterday and is forecast to hit that mark again today.

"It's great here ... I'm not even sweating, I think you're a pack of sooks if you're ... [more]
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Tax Free Billions
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 14 2018, 09:16 AM in Australian Business & Financial News
Tax-free billions: Australia's largest companies haven't paid corporate tax in 10 years

Exclusive by chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici

user posted image

Photo: Hundreds of companies in Australia haven't paid corporate tax in the last decade, and are taxed less than most individuals. (Images Money / Flickr CC BY 2.0)

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, one of the most prominent supporters of the Turnbull Government's proposed big business tax cut, presides over a company that hasn't paid corporate tax for close to 10 years.

The period roughly coincides with Mr Joyce's tenure at the helm of Australia's flag carrier.

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School Backs Down Over Book Ban
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 13 2018, 09:28 AM in Education
School backs down over Tim Winton booklist row after backlash

ABC South West WA
By Jacqueline Lynch

user posted image

Photo: Jasper Jones author Craig Silvey says schools should "produce students who are capable of navigating an adult world".

A WA school principal upset by "abhorrent" reading material on the curriculum containing "vulgar language" and "explicit sexual innuendo" has backed away from banning novels by authors such as Tim Winton, Nam Lee and Craig Silvey after a community backlash.

In a letter to parents on Friday, Ted Kosicki, the head of Busselton's Georgiana Molloy Anglican School, slammed reading matter offered to students as & ... [more]
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Aged care residents are fed worse than prisoners.
Posted By: Bear @ Feb 12 2018, 05:52 PM in Australian National News
Study reveals aged care residents are fed worse than prisoners.

user posted image

A study reveals some aged care facilities spend $6.08 a day on food for their elderly residents.

That’s about $2 a meal for some of our most vulnerable Australians.

$8.35 is spent on food for prisoners in jail.

After revealing the shocking findings, Chris Smith received a flood of calls.

John, who is a garbageman, says he sees what residents are fed every day.

“My relatives used to run a pig farm…I wouldn’t give it to them.

“I see what they would’ve had for lunch today. No wonder they’re sick.”

Joan works in the prison system and shares her perspective.

“I can tel ... [more]
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Resurrecting the Country Show
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 12 2018, 09:10 AM in WA
Resurrecting the country show in a struggling town

By Kit Mochan

user posted image

Photo: A small gold coin donation was all it cost for people to visit the Darkan Sheepfest. (ABC News: Kit Mocham)

Amid complaints over overpriced tickets, food and rip-off rides, Australia's agricultural shows are declining in popularity in cities but the tiny town of Darkan, around 200km south of Perth, has held its first one in over 60 years.

With gold coin donation entry at the door, free kids activities and no sideshow alley in sight, the inaugural 'Sheepfest' is a back-to-basics show with agriculture front and centre.

"That was one of our biggest things, we didn't want to have a big cost for families… they don't have to wo ... [more]
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Principal Bans Books - Including Shakespeare
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 12 2018, 08:49 AM in Education
Georgiana Molloy Anglican School book ban: works by William Shakespeare and Tim Winton may be among those withdrawn from curriculum

Dylan Caporn | The West Australian
Monday, 12 February 2018 5:48AM

user posted image

Ted Kosicki has expressed his angst over ‘inappropriate’ books being studied by students.Picture: Busselton Dunsborough Times

A private WA school is considering banning books by some famous authors over concerns the content is too explicit.

Classic works by William Shakespeare and WA author Tim Winton could be withdrawn from an Anglican school in the South West as part of a push to expunge sex and vulgar language from classrooms.

In a ... [more]
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Vast wealth of Catholic church revealed
Posted By: Flin @ Feb 12 2018, 07:50 AM in Australian Business & Financial News
Vast wealth of Catholic church revealed
user posted image

The Catholic Church has been revealed as Victoria's largest non-government property owner, casting doubt over claims it would be forced to cut social work if forced to compensate victims of clergy sexual abuse.

An investigation by Fairfax Media published on Monday reports that the church appears to own more than $30 billion in property and other assets across Australia.

Fairfax estimated the church's Victorian portfolio to be about $9 billion, but in evidence to the royal commission in 2014 it valued its Melbourne properties at $109 million.

The apparent wealth of the church contrasts with findings by the royal commission, which found the aver ... [more]
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Yuan Oil Futures to Start Trading.
Posted By: Bear @ Feb 12 2018, 05:14 AM in Asia / Pacific
China Ends 25-Year Wait as Yuan Oil Futures to Start Trading.

user posted image

After a wait of about a quarter of a century, the world’s biggest oil buyer is finally getting its own crude-futures contract.

In a challenge to the world’s dollar-denominated oil benchmarks Brent and West Texas Intermediate, China will list local-currency crude futures in Shanghai on March 26, according to the nation’s securities regulator. The start of trading, open to foreigners, will mark the end of years of delays and setbacks since China’s first attempt at a domestic contract in 1993.

If the futures are embraced by overseas investors and become a benchmark for global oil transactions, China’s hoping the yuan could challenge the dominance of the greenback in internation ... [more]
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Breaking the Law in WA
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 11 2018, 02:51 PM in CRIME -
The weird and wonderful ways you can still break the law in WA

By Jacob Kagi

user posted image

Photo: There are all sort of strange ways you can get intro trouble with the law in WA. (Flickr: Steven Depolo)

Did you know a wager between friends on a state election result could, technically, see you face a hefty fine? So could trying to work out how to get your friend elected over a beer at the bar.

Even worse, sneaking a look at your friend's ballot paper if they are voting next to you on election day could — in theory — see you thrown in jail for a year.

Those are just some of the anomalies contained in Western Australia's enormous statute book, comprising the laws that govern how we live.

They cover the basic tenets ... [more]
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Israeli F-16 Shot Down
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 11 2018, 09:48 AM in Breaking News
Benjamin Netanyahu blames Iran and Syria after jet shot down, says Israel will do 'whatever necessary'

user posted image

Photo: The remains of the F-16 Israeli war plane are seen near the Israeli village of Harduf. (Reuters: Ronen Zvulun)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will do "whatever is necessary" to defend itself against aggression, after Syrian anti-aircraft fire downed an Israeli warplane returning from a bombing raid in Syria.

The Israeli military said the F-16 jet crashed after it came under fire during a mission to strike Iranian drone installations in Syria, after earlier shooting down an Iranian drone reportedly flying over Israeli territory.

The two pilots managed to eject before the cra ... [more]
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NT Fracking Inquiry
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 11 2018, 09:29 AM in ACT & NT
NT fracking inquiry may recommend major delay in industry resumption

Exclusive by Jane Bardon

user posted image

Photo: Only one person at two recent inquiry meetings expressed a pro-fracking stance. (ABC News: Jane Bardon)

There could be a significant delay in the resumption of fracking in the Northern Territory, with the head of an inquiry considering whether to put the brakes on not just production, but exploration as well.

In December the Gunner Government's fracking inquiry recommended in its draft report that three years of scientific studies should be carried out before full-scale gas production could take place.

But now the head of the inquiry is considering whether to appl ... [more]
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A Tale of Persistence and Dedication
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 11 2018, 08:58 AM in Good News Stories
'But I persisted': Angelina Lay didn't start school until 12 but now she's a doctor helping to cure liver cancer

By Mary Lloyd

user posted image

Photo: Dr Lay was lucky to graduate from school. Now, she's a leading liver cancer researcher at the Centenary Institute. (ABC: Mary Lloyd)

In an unassuming laboratory in Sydney, a scientist is shining a light on cirrhosis and liver cancer — the cancer killing Australians at the fastest growing rate.

Dr Angelina Lay is a well-published scientist who is proud that she's helping advance treatments for liver disease, but that she even got through school is something of a miracle.

Dr Lay didn't see the inside of a cl ... [more]
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Australia not a country:
Posted By: Flin @ Feb 11 2018, 08:37 AM in North America
Australia not a country: Sacked professor
user posted image

An online adjunct professor incorrectly told a student that Australia isn't a country and gave her a failing grade, prompting Southern New Hampshire University to replace the instructor.

Buzzfeed News reports that the 27-year-old student in Idaho was assigned to compare American social norms to that of another country.

She chose to study social media use in Australia, but the professor gave her a zero on that portion of the assignment, saying Australia is a continent, not a country.

Australia is actually both - a country and a continent.

University officials tell WMUR-TV the instructor has been replaced following an investigation.

In a statement, the university said it deeply regrets the interaction between the professor ... [more]
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Posted By: Charles @ Feb 11 2018, 08:32 AM in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

I bit of research might be required here. The first is fairly straightforward, the second might take I bit more time.

Which famous pop stars were known as The Glimmer Twins?

Mahatma Gandhi exchanged letters with many famous people. However, he only ever addressed one as “sir”. Who?

... [more]
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Is the ABC Dumbing Down?
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 9 2018, 04:20 PM in Australian National News
'Has the ABC adopted a policy of dumbing down?' ABC leadership fields public's questions

By Brooke Wylie

user posted image

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie during the Annual General Meeting.
(AAP: Joel Carrett)

The ABC's editorial board has fielded criticisms from members of the public during its first annual public meeting at the broadcaster's headquarters.

Repetitive programming, partisan coverage, staff cutbacks, cross-program advertising and cuts to current affairs program Lateline were among the concerns raised during the 90-minute public meeting.

Members of the public were invited to attend the broadcaster's first annual public meeting at the ABC's headquarters in Sydney, as well as at events held ... [more]
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PM to Offer Apology to Abuse Survivirs
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 8 2018, 03:03 PM in Australian - Latest Political Stories
Child abuse survivors to be offered apology from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Karen Sweeney | AAP
Thursday, 8 February 2018 8:40AM

user posted image

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will make a national apology to victims of institutional child sexual abuse by the end of the year.

"As a nation, we must mark this occasion in a form that reflects the wishes of survivors and that affords them the dignity to which they were entitled as children, but which was denied to them by the very people who were tasked with their care," Mr Turnbull told parliament on Thursday.

Providing an update on the government's response to the royal commission report rele ... [more]
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Immigration Debate
Posted By: Bill @ Feb 8 2018, 12:50 AM in Breaking News
Immigration Debate
user posted image

Should descendants of this man be granted a resident visa to Australia ? ... [more]
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Sir Les Patterson circa 1982
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 7 2018, 04:17 PM in Interesting/Amusing Youtubes & Videos
Can you imagine the uproar from the PC brigade if Barry Humphries performed this in 2018?

... [more]
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Is Di Natale a Hypocrite?
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 7 2018, 03:54 PM in Other Political News
Richard Luiji Di Natale has something he doesn’t like to broadcast.

It Is What It Is.·Wednesday, January 31, 2018

user posted image

Richard Luiji Di Natale . The Greens party leader who loves to tell us Aussies that we live on stolen land and our nation isn’t legitimate and that we should give it all back to the aboriginals.

Richard Luiji Di Natale. The son of Italian immigrants. That right. His parents fought against us during the war. No one in his family fought or died for the country he is critical of while he is taking advantage of it.

Richard Luiji Di Natale. The Greens party leader who despis ... [more]
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$60b Wiped off Australian Share Market
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 6 2018, 12:56 PM in Australian Business & Financial News
ASX: $60 billion wiped off Australian share market

By business reporter David Chau

user posted image

Photo: Australian shares continued to tumble following a vicious sell-off on Wall Street overnight. (Dean Lewins, file photo: AAP)

The Australian share market's losses have slightly deepened to about $60 billion.

After the Dow Jones suffered its biggest points drop in a single day (1,175 points), it was almost certain that the local bourse would open sharply lower.

The benchmark ASX 200 index was down 3.1 per cent to 5,839 points (at 1:20pm AEDT), with almost every stock posting losses.

The broader All Ordinaries index dropped by 3.1 per cent to 5,938.

This i ... [more]
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'Grid Kids' to Replace 'Grid Girls'
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 6 2018, 09:33 AM in " Car News & Reviews"
'Grid kids' to replace grid girls in Formula One

user posted image

Photo: Formula One says aspiring drivers will be able to get closer to their idols like Lewis Hamilton. (Reuters: Andrew Boyers/Action Images)

Formula One has announced a new "grid kids" scheme to replace the female models who stood next to drivers' cars before the start of every grand prix.

The sport said in a statement that the arrangement, in partnership with the governing FIA, would "make the pre-race ceremony more relevant and interesting for fans, especially the younger ones".

Youngsters will be chosen by their national motorsport clubs on merit, or by lottery, from among those competing in karting or junior series.

Last week's d ... [more]
Comments: 2 :: View Comments

Detention Over Shoes
Posted By: Charles @ Feb 6 2018, 09:22 AM in Education
Brisbane school sends 'hundreds' of students to detention over shoes

By Shelley Lloyd

user posted image

Karen Bishop is angry that her daughter’s new black school Van shoes are banned by The Gap State High School.
Photo: Shoes such as these have now been banned at the school. (Supplied: Karen Bishop)

A Brisbane high school reportedly issued hundreds of students detention for failing to wear the correct school uniform.

Last week, parents from The Gap State High School (TGSHS) in Brisbane's west took to social media to vent their anger about uniform requirements which would see their children sent to detention for having the wrong-sized heel on their school shoes.

This ... [more]
Comments: 1 :: View Comments

Million-dollar vice-chancellor salaries highlight
Posted By: scepo @ Feb 5 2018, 03:21 PM in Education
Million-dollar vice-chancellor salaries highlight what's wrong with our universities

The Conversation By Kristen Lyons and Richard Hill

The recent furore over the UK's highest-paid vice-chancellor, Bath University's Dame Glynis Breakwell, exposes much that is wrong with higher education.

The case has drawn public attention to the inflated salaries of vice-chancellors and the huge wage disparities between managers and low-paid casual academics.

In some cases, vice-chancellors in Australia take home more in one week than a casual employee earns in a year.

Interestingly, the majority of vice-chancellors in both the UK and Australia are male, and on the whole earn significantly more than their female counterparts.

What ha ... [more]
Comments: 2 :: View Comments


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