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Posted by: Charles Apr 22 2018, 09:03 AM
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The following sentences each contain at least one hidden country. The more you find, the more points gained.

5 or 6 earns 1 point; 7 or 8 earns 2 points; 9 or 10 earns 3 points; more than 10 gets 4 points.

Can a dame snub Olivia in Dianne’s presence?

I regret I bet that Ross wed Enid for money.

Neither parents nor wayward children can escape rude comments.

The track which I navigated was well hidden Mark.

How tough an administrator am I if, inch by inch I let them mine paltry amounts?

Posted by: Charles Apr 29 2018, 09:05 AM
The hidden countries from each sentence are:

Canada, Bolivia, India

Tibet, Sweden

Norway, Peru

Ghana, Chile, Nepal

Well done to all those who found 11 or 12. You earn maximum points.

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