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Posted by: Flin May 7 2018, 07:45 AM
Backlash over ‘disgusting’ army training video
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A British army instructor is facing a court martial for filming a crying female recruit in scenes that senior military sources described as “way out of line”.

Furious army bosses are trying to track down the bully corporal who videoed a distraught woman as he launched a barrage of abuse during a bayonet drill.

The distressing video has been shared on social media thousands of times in the past three days.

It appears just weeks after the launch of a new campaign aimed at prospective female recruits.

A former senior army officer told The Sun Online the instructor’s behaviour was unacceptable by today’s standards.

“Army training is rightly tough. There’s nothing wrong with being plunged in puddles and the like, but this is over the top,” he said.

“There are very strict guidelines in place these days. It is all about positive encouragement now, more ‘come on you can do it’.

“The aggressive, degrading verbal abuse in this clip is way out of line with modern practice.”

The clip shows a young recruit wading through a river.

The corporal demands she approach him screaming: “Come f****** here”.

He then orders the woman to show him her war face, and to trudge out of the water to stab a dummy enemy as he tells her: “you’re not a killer.”

At one point he lies to her, telling her she has finished the exercise only to order her back into the water.

She bursts into tears as he mocks her for crying.

Facebook users shared their outrage at the video, with one person writing: “He dealt with this in the complete wrong way and he deserves everything he gets. This is bullying and putting it online is disgusting.”

“How sad this bully could do this to a young recruit! Shame on him!” another sai

Lucky they didn't cut her cupcake ration.

Posted by: charka May 7 2018, 08:28 AM
Training to kill with a bayonet but must not be filmed crying Wrong job lady

Posted by: scepo May 7 2018, 03:15 PM
Different world to back in your day chark. It is just not on in this PC day and age mate.

Rude shocks in store for snowflakes if they ever hit the battle field though.

Posted by: charka May 7 2018, 05:39 PM
A very nasty dirty scary place not a vid game

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