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Posted by: Charles May 6 2018, 09:45 AM
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Palindromic words are a special group of words that are splelt the same both backwards and forwards (eg dad). To make life a little more difficult, I have provided clues that are a little cryptic. Can you identify the 5 palindromic words?

1. Runs a naughty establishment.

2. Flies beneath it to avoid detection.

3. When I was younger there were only two - now I'm not sure.

4. Placed above a mere mortal.

5. Just a fraction I note.

Posted by: Charles May 13 2018, 09:27 AM
The answers I was after were:

1. madam

2. radar

3. sexes

4. deified

5. minim

Flin didn't give me deified but instead suggest mum or dad noting they are often regarded as more than mere mortals. I couldn't argue with that!

Bear gains a bonus point for his answer to number 4. Not only did he correctly give deified, he went on to list ARDRA (a Hindu goddess) and IGIGI (a Sumerian god).

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