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 North Korea likely making more nuclear bomb fuel
 Posted: Jul 5 2018, 06:20 AM

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QUOTE (Bill @ Jul 3 2018, 02:48 PM)
QUOTE (scepo @ Jul 3 2018, 06:40 AM)

Of course it wouldn't cross the minds of progressives that the sound you can hear just might happen to be Trump playing not only Kim Jong Un like an old violin, but the progressive haters as well.
Just a thought.

It did cross my mind scepo , but for that to happen, Trump would have to be smarter than Kim Jong Un, Putin and Xi Jinping put together. Highly unlikely.

My initial analysis was that Trump had been 'dealt out' of any negotiations between Nth. and Sth. Korea, and that he was playing 'catch up' for a possible Nobel Peace Prize.

I haven't changed my thinking on that and his next 'foray' into international diplomacy foreshadowing a meeting with Putin in Helsinki would seem to support that hypothesis.

While our media was full of the planning for the Trump/Kim summit in Singapore, a number of things were happening that didn't seem to interest the media.

1. North and South Korea declared the end of the Korean War.
2. China and North Korea were having high level talks to ease sanctions.
3. This one is significant - Putin was in Japan holding bilateral talks with Prime Minister Abe at the same time that his Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, was in Nth. Korea having talks with Kim Jong Un - not 'around the same time' but AT the same time.

So....while Trump has been strutting around claiming 'victories' the rest of the players in the region have been quietly engaging in talks to bring Nth. Korea in from the cold.

Trump runs international diplomacy with all the bullshit and bluster of a reality TV presenter - his only qualification for the job, it seems.

And that's why he's being played - not just by Kim Jong Un, but by Putin, Xi Jinping. Moon Jae-in, and Shinzo Abe.

Kim would have no intention of giving up his nuclear capability while ever U.S. sanctions exist, and there is a U.S. military presence in Asia.

The region will use Trumps claim of 'success' to make diplomatic gains regarding the easing of sanctions and maybe even the removal of U.S. military bases throughout Asia. China would certainly welcome that.

If Trump was smarter than Kim Jong Un, Putin and Xi Jinping individually it would be fair enough to assume he was smarter than them put together. I see no valid reason to assume that he is dumber than any of those three.

Trump has not been strutting around claiming any victories that I am aware of. The biased progressive socialist main stream media are claiming that he has, but on the 3 or 4 occasions I have seen and heard his words on that same left wing main stream media, he has clearly stated that it could lead to something great for NK, for the US and for the world, or it could come to nothing at all. He has consistently stated that both before and since his meeting with Kim.

Cast your mind back to the time that Trump won the Republican nomination for the presidency. Think of all the howling and whining from progressives both in the public and in the MSM, not just in the states but worldwide. It has been ceaseless, it has never stopped.

Trump sure has played them like an old violin, and a terribly out of tune violin at that.

And the self righteous progressives on their big white horses don't even realise he is and has been playing them each and every day.

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