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 Potato Launch
 Posted: Jun 17 2018, 10:06 AM

Dentus Chookus

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This week I have a logic puzzle for you. It's a little harder than the last one. Two points for a completely correct answer, one for a partially correct (over 50%) solution.

The local country town just held its annual "Potato Launch" contest, wherein different teams (Mad Mashers, Spud Chuckers, Super Tubers and Yesterdays Boys) build home-made contraptions (air cannon, catapult, slingshot and vacuum cannon) and each tries to shoot colored potatoes (black, orange, white and yellow) as far as they can. Using only the clues below, determine each team's best distance (45, 50, 55 and 60 metres)) and match up the type of device each used and the color of the potato they launched.


1. Of the team that used the slingshot and the Super Tubers, one used the white potato and the other scored a distance of 50 metres.

2. The Yesterdays Boys used the black potato.

3. The Yesterdays Boys used the catapult.

4. The Mad Mashers landed somewhat short of the group that used the air cannon.

5. Of the group that made it to 55 metres and the contestants that launched the yellow potato, one was the Mad Mashers and the other used the slingshot.

6. The team that launched the yellow potato was either the contestants that made it to 45 metres or the contestants that used the air cannon.

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