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Posted by: Charles Apr 29 2018, 09:16 AM
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To say that Women and Men are different is stating the obvious.

Apart from the obvious biological differences, statistics also reveal differences.

For instance, at birth a female's life expectancy is 79.45 years while a male's is 74.14.

The statistics below all reveal other differences, but what are they showing? It is your job to identify that. To make things a little easier, I can tell you that all four are sport related.

1. Women 4kg; Men 7.26kg

2. Women $39,711; Men $311,972

3. Women 7.52m; Men 8.95m

4. Women $68,178; Men $40,396

Posted by: Charles May 6 2018, 09:35 AM
I found it quite interesting researching these questions, though some of the information came from an article about jobs where women earn more than men.

The answers are:

1. The weight of the shot putt ball in athletics. Bonus points to both Bear and Scepo who both noted it was also the weight in the hammer throw, Interestingly the standard weight of the men's implement is imperial - 16 pounds (7.26 kg) and the women''s is metric - 4 kg (8.82 pounds).

2. The average taxable income (2016/2016) declared by those listing their occupation as "cricketer".

3. The world long jum records

4. The average taxable income of "surfers".

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